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S.PP.RT is a Dutch Design Agency and Social Enterprise. Started in 2018 with the mission to support both established and start-up businesses in their product- and graphic design needs, while at the same time exploring how to support social impact (youth) programs through product launches, workshops and coaching.

Besides graphic & branding design projects for social organisations, museums and start-ups we’re active and specialised in footwear design & development, sportswear and accessories, and designing product for our WEBSHOP that help raise funds for various social causes.

Our design ethos is as simple as it is profound; ‘Design = Poetry’. Our aim and talent is creating synergies, rhythm, purity, usability and identity from the analysis of your commercial goals, consumer and user needs, production possibilities, brand DNA and market direction. 

For more info and our projects check the DESIGN AGENCY page.



Loved it when the regional European packs we worked on at Converse EMEA went to a bigger audience (www.hypebeast.com) or to the global offer. This pack took the aviation story of the bomber jacket-inspired Chuck MA-1 shoes to a very visual and detail-rich level. Taking inspiration from fighter plane shark paintings we added printed teeth and super-nice embroidered terry patches. More projects on the DESIGN AGENCY page!


“Performance running shoes made from plants, not plastic!”

Proud to be a partner in this planet-friendly start-up!!  The first shoe of Zen Running Club, the ZR-01, was launched end of 2021.

Join the Club to be the first to know about new product launches or to get a pair to run in! www.zenrunningclub.com

and: instagram.com/zenrunningclub/

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Socks Sigtuna S.PP.RT – 9.95 EURO




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Kobe Bryant (1978-2020), a huge personal inspiration in mentality and leadership during his basketball career. And also off the court as a footwear innovator, and later as a father, coach and filmmaker. This fantastic series about the Kobe System, marketing videos for the Kobe VII shoes, takes inspiration to a whole new level, even pushing the likes of Tony Robbins and Kanye West to be more successful 🙂


Made in 1975 / S.PP.RT Founder / Proud father of 4 / Product, Footwear and Graphic designer / Design director / Personal Coach / Social Entrepreneur / Runner, Sneaker Collector and Basketball Addict

Eindhoven Design Academy alumni. Class of 2000. 

Professional designer since 2001, working for international companies in creating commercial and innovative footwear and accessories. 

Worked internationally for Converse (Nike), Decathlon, Sportsmaster, Footlocker, Patrick, Cortina, Dita and Cycleur de Luxe on everything from design, innovation and development to brand identity and collection and team management. Portfolio on the DESIGN AGENCY page

Graphic designer for individuals, start-ups and small businesses, supporting their projects and events by creating visual brand identity, communications and cards. Overview on the DESIGN AGENCY page

Regular speaker/mentor at events and schools, passionate about inspiring youth through design workshops, design-thinking and sharing knowledge and experience. See the the WORKSHOPS page for more on these.

Personal Coach supporting individuals and groups in changing mindset and behaviour to be able to successfully attain their goals and dreams. Check lets-make-it-happen.nl to learn more. 






Intro: My Dutch friend Shanna is one of the most inspiring people on my instagram feed. I love how she inspires and motivates everybody to love, dare, enjoy and experience more every single day (@shannasjm). I asked her to share her thoughts about one of the quotes that inspires me greatly: ‘Be the Change You Wish To See in the World’ - Mohandas Gandhi


by Shanna SJ Meijer - Life coach | Influencer | Love & Positivity Spreader. Here’s my personal mission: I commit myself to create leadership through love. Creating a kinder, gentler world. Making a difference. I will build on my commitment by working toward a society where all humans and animals are in harmony, healthy and free.

Is this somewhat like your mission or dream?

It’s exciting (and probably overwhelming) to have such big dreams, pursuing your passions, changing lifes, changing the world and doing something impactful.

So.. How..?

To create impact, the union of thinking and doing is a necessity. To pursue your dreams, you need to DO.

Here’s the truth: you can do pretty much anything you want to with your life, no matter who you are, no matter your circumstances. Actually the only thing standing between you and your goal is the stories you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.

So, no more excuses...

Some people do know what they want, but it all seems so big and far off that it looks impossible to achieve, so they put it off until ‘next year’ or get stuck in analysis paralysis, doing a lot of research on the subject but not taking any action.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you recognize these doubts; Is it the right time? Is it the right moment? Am I able to pull this of? This means your fears are running your life instead of your dreams.

Hello, wake up, get back on track. This IS the right time, your perfect moment to start living life on purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it all figured out yet.
 And even if you did, life is unpredictable and will always be full of unforeseen circumstances and unexpected curveballs.
You’ve just got to learn to roll with the punches.
This is why all of this waiting and putting off what you want most, in preparation for the ‘perfect’ moment, is a waste of time.

Stop wasting your potential. Let go of your perfectionism.
There is no ‘perfect’ moment, and it is quite possible that there never will be.The only time there ever will be is right NOW.

Start with what you have. 
I am aware that we live in a culture of perfection, we’re fed the idea that if it’s not the newest and the shiniest idea then it’s not good enough or worth to start.

A little bit more explanation about Excellence versus Perfection

Excellence is risk. Perfection is fear. 
 Excellence is effort. Perfection is anger and frustration.
 Excellence is openness to being wrong. Perfection is having to be right. Excellence is spontaneity. Perfection is control.
 Excellence is flow. Perfectionism is pressure.
 Excellence is confidence. Perfectionism is doubt.
 Excellence is a journey. Perfectionism is focusing on the destination.
 Excellence is acceptance. Perfectionism is judgement.
 Excellence is encouraging. Perfectionism is criticising.

Get rid of your perfectionism, Let it Go. Be in Excellence, Let’s Get this party started

What matters is not that your efforts were perfect, but that you made the effort in the first place. You have to believe in YOURSELF and never Stop believing in YOU.
It sounds simple, but it’s so important! It is the critical step on the path to your success. Give it your full effort.

 Never give up, Embrace Failure.
If you’re not failing often, you’re not taking enough risk towards your dreams.
Fail often, fail fast and LEARN from your failures. Learn to see Failure what it truly is. A state of mind. It is impossible to truly fail….unless you want to. 
It is simply a form of feedback as to what needs improvement, not a STOP sign.You cant explore different ways of doing things without failure.

‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.’ - Robert F. Kennedy

If you decide to go and pursue your dreams, you are an inspiration to others.
You will give hope to others who want to do the same.
You can serve as their example and their reason why they should give it a try.

Empower them, Give your help, Coach them, and Encourage them to keep going. You will create a whole new world.

Life is short. Go for it. Make it happen.




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