S.PP.RT is a Dutch Design Agency and Social Enterprise. Started in 2018 with the mission      to support both established and start-up businesses in their product- and graphic  design needs, while at the same time    exploring how to support social impact    (youth) programs through product launches, workshops and coaching

Besides graphic & branding design projects for social organisations, museums and start-ups we’re active and specialised in footwear design & development, sportswear and accessories, and designing product for our WEBSHOP that help raise funds for various social causes.

Our design ethos is as simple as it is profound; ‘Design = Poetry’. Our aim and talent is creating synergies, rhythm, purity, usability and identity from the analysis of your commercial goals, consumer- and user needs, production possibilities, brand DNA and market direction. 

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Loved it when the regional European packs we worked on at Converse EMEA went to a bigger audience ( or to the global offer. This pack took the aviation story of the bomber jacket-inspired Chuck MA-1 shoes to a very visual and detail-rich level. Taking inspiration from fighter plane shark paintings we added printed teeth and super-nice embroidered terry patches.

Designed outdoor & indoor signs for Albert Heijn supermarkets as part of the team at Fabrique Design. This backlit entrance sign was in a way the true start of my career as Industrial Designer as it was the first ever product I drew that was produced 🙂


Finding this review coincidentally a good few years after designing the Patrick GoldCup13 was a wonderful surprise. This youtuber in Singapore made a very detailed review of the shoes and ranks it at the same level as other soccerboot classics. The comment “the Patrick Gold Cup 13 is beautiful and has well thought-of intricate design details” makes me proud already. But beyond that the appreciation of performance and quality of the shoe is great recognition, as I also did the whole technical development of the product directly with the factory.



Club Mondain creates great programs for business travellers to coach them in building healthy and mindful habits and lifestyles. S.PP.RT created a visual language for their member-app and printed communications that finds the balance between business clarity and vibrant energy.


A sketchbook, a blue colorpencil and a pencil sharpener are essentially all that’s needed to bring ideas into the physical world. A splash of color, shading and texture is certainly good sometimes to illustrate the concepts in more detail, but most of the time the blue pencils create the magic!


This lovely and quick project for the Museon museum in Den Haag had worldwide reach. S.PP.RT was asked to create a visual logo for the already developed identity of the Caribbean Ties exhibit that ran in 4 museums in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean. Diving into the content of the exhibit that showcased the history of communications and connections between the islands we found these cool graphics on coins or amulets that we then connected and colored like olympic rings.



The first client of S.PP.RT when we started in 2018, we turned out to be a great match as we’re working on the 3rd collection at the moment. Dita has been a specialist in Field Hockey products for over a 100 years. Working with their knowledge of the sport and with their long standing suppliers relations makes it possible to develop performance focus products with a lot of detail and value. If you play hockey or if your niece/nephew does:



Honored to have been part of one of the oldest and coolest footwear brands in the world as Lead Designer in the European product team where we worked on local market Special Make-Ups and account exclusives for chains like Footlocker, JDsports and Office, while providing trend feedback and design concepts to the headquarter in Boston. Some examples of the exclusives we created, with the Ibiza Sunset Chuck Taylor All Stars as a personal favorite 🙂

2003/ KIPSTA F500

Big things start small. Taking over the design of team-sports footwear at Kipsta (one of the brands of the Decathlon group) I worked on modernizing the product in terms of performance and look, while also trying to give the whole footwear range more coherence and recognizability in stores and on the pitch. This F500 soccer shoe is an early example of that. This eventually led to a position as Brand Design Manager a few years later; building the brand vision and values, identity, design language and managing a team of international designers.